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I think you are correct about a failing capacitor issue with my super famicom. I just retested the retrotink with my N64 using a monster svideo cable, and the picture was immediately good quality. It was not exhibiting the same picture artifacts that the Super Famicom did upon start up. I also tried the same svideo cable on the super famicom after unplugging the hd retrovision cables, and the only thing that showed up was a bit of “ghosting” along with jailbars and what appears to be video noise from electrical interferance. It appears that using the hd retrovision cables may be contributing to the initial picture issues I was having as shown in the above pictures since the svideo cable wasnt producing the exact same picture quality issues. The retrotink appears to be working as it should. Do you offer any sort of a capacitor repair kit for the Super Famicom? Maybe a kit that eliminates jailbars and possible video noise from interference? Thanks again for your help!