Reply To: OSSC + Framemeister combo PAL


Hi Opaque79,

I run in this configuration for NTSC Nintendo consoles. Obligatory statement of best settings vary per desired experience and TV settings. My general settings are geared towards the largest possible mostly pixel perfect (my eyes like varying amounts of blur) picture while maintaining original aspect ratio on a modern TV. The framemeister is useful in this configuration for its post processing capabilities like zooming. When playing running the Super Gameboy 2 on the SNES, or GBI on the GC, zooming is useful for achieving full screen.

The settings in my configuration are based off of the following links: – Be sure to understand these parameters – Starter profiles that can be easily imported into a web app for management
* – Make those N64 pixels sharp! (generally not a good look IMO)

Overall my settings are customized by changing Firebrandx’s SNES 256 profile 4x line mode to “Generic 4:3” instead of an optimized resolution. Sync and Advanced Timing options are customized for my TV. Use an optimized resolution profile for a sharper image. You could also use the framemeister to sharpen the image if desired. I recommend a sharpness setting of 1 on the framemeister. All other scaling options on the framemeister should be disabled.

For my needs, utilizing the OSSC and framemeister together yields a better experience rather than using just one device. This configuration is definitely cost prohibitive, even more so if you’re using a retrotink for svideo support. More in the link below.

RetroTINK-2X to OSSC Line 5X Tutorial by Mike Chi