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input resolutions must be:
Line double support for 240p, 480i, 288p, 576i, 384p, 480p, 576p
Line3x / 4x / 5x support for 240p / 288p

The outputs simply calculate according to the input (example 240p x5 = 1200p)

In some cases you will need an upscaler (example Dvdo or other brand) if you want a very specific output (or that the screen for example is not compatible this will solve the problem).
384p x3 = 768p then an upscaler set to 1080p = 1080p on your screen.

Note: Do not forget that a screen (pc or tv) gives a better image on the native resolution (ex a 1080p pc screen will be sharper in 1080p than in 768p)

If the help could have helped, consider buying the real ossc, an official product and not the Kaico counterfeit, on occasion;)