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Hi Yelkk! Well, the OSSC is one of the best device for retrogamers, I’m using it all the time and the results are very often amazing. That said, it is true that Nintendo consoles are a little bit more problematic and often doesn’t work. I have several SFC and 2 NESRGB and none of them worked with my C9 nor my Panasonic Plasma, and I’ve tried everything possible. So, if the Super Nintendo is indeed your favorite console, I would go another route. Best thing you can do with Nintendo consoles is to plug them into a good CRT. It won’t get any better than this 🙂 If you don’t have CRT, and don’t plan on buying one, then I would advice you to get the XRGB mini aka framemeister. It is the best device for Nintendo consoles, by far. Only problem is that you’ll get a bit of lag, which the OSSC doesn’t have, but it’s really not that much and far less than all the mini consoles.