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“If you install the dejitter board”. Exactly. And that should be something worth noting to everybody that want to buy the OSSC, as not everyone wants to do some extra WORK / soldering. In the case of Yelkk, he says that the Snes is his favourite console, and saying the OSSC would be a perfect fit for him would be downright unfair. As I said he’s better off getting a CRT or the Framemeister if Nintendo is his thing. NES RGB doesn’t work well / AT ALL either, and the N64 RGB, well, depends on the quality of the RGB mod but more often than not you’ll just use the passthru to have stability and that doesn’t look good on N64 RGB which, again, will look better on a CRT or Framemeister. And that comes from someone that hates emulator looks.

When it comes to PS1, it’s a bit different, the problem comes with the fact that PS1 deliver 4 different resolutions, sometimes within a single game, which makes it difficult to set the OSSC correctly so that it doesn’t lose signal and looks good all the time. And even with Firebrand settings, PS1 doesn’t fit very well with the OSSC either and I’d rather use it with the Framemeister.

Other that that, OSSC is pure gold.