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When it comes to PS1, it’s a bit different, the problem comes with the fact that PS1 deliver 4 different resolutions, sometimes within a single game, which makes it difficult to set the OSSC correctly so that it doesn’t lose signal and looks good all the time.

There is a very simple solution to this: use generic mode. In general, the community could gain from less fixation with the optimized modes IMHO, they can often cause more problems than what is gained in image quality, and there is (nearly) always some compromise made regarding aspect ratio.

Regarding the C9, I’ve seen some conflicting reports now. I guess it stems from some having de-jitter board, some not, and also some only using PAL consoles (which does not have the sync anomaly). But I still do wonder if there was perhaps some FW update to the LGs that made them less tolerant…

EDIT after Buckos post:
That your NESRGB works unjittered and not SNES is quite strange. The sync anomaly should be virtually identical…