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Calle W

Alright, then it might be the crystal that is causing issues. Or, OoT just doesn’t like de-blur. I don’t have an NTSC copy of the game, so I can’t really try it on my own.

Below is an example using SM64 at 4x with the following settings. The console is modded with a THS7314. The is no blurriness in the center.

Video LPF: Off
Analog Sync LPF: Max
Allow TVP HPLL2x: Off
Allow Upsample2x: Off

H. samplerate: 386
H. samplerate Adj: .75 (or 3 on older firmware)
H. backporch: 35
H. synclen: 22
Sampling phase: 135 (this varies from console to console)
V. backporch: 14
V. synclen : 3

Super Mario 64, de-blur