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If you aren’t going to solder the DC-Digital (aka DCHDMI), then the best way is to get a 480p SCART cable and the OSSC.

The 480p SCART cable has a switch on it that can switch between VGA and RGB modes. This should give you access to all games. I don’t know about a game that is missing BOTH video modes. Most games will be able to run in VGA and those that can’t should work on RGB.

240P Test Suite works wonders on the cable. When in RGB mode, the suite lets you check both 240p and 480i video, and on VGA mode you have access to 480p tests.

The OSSC instantly sees the change in signal for the cable between RGB and VGA, and is able to help with ease of a One cable setup.

I use the Retro Gaming Cables 480p SCART cable:

But they aren’t your only option for a 480p SCART cable, Retro Access also have one and I’ve heard good things about the company:

Dreamcast 15kHz/31kHz 480i/480p SCART Cable