Reply To: Question 480i for Gamecube



My advice.

If you want to good quality, there are different alternatives. softmodded Wii or Wii U, to use a NTSC Gamecube (instead of force 480p using Swiss with maybe bad compatibility), or eventually to play on an emulator, there are some improvements /HD textures and it looks better than the original console.

Now you are wondering if the OSSC can improve the quality of the PAL Gamecube. Personally, for my situation, it doesn’t.

My settings: PAL Gamecube (+Swiss), Component cable, OSSC, LCD (102cm)

  • 480i passtrough: looks good. I could connect directly my GC to the TV without OSSC, but I have a bad component Samsung cable and the quality is degraded.
  • 480i 2x: the image is “flickering”, it really anoying when reading texts on screen. See the video in my 1st message. There is a comparison.

Forced 480p with Swiss

  • 480p passtrough: looks good. On my TV I haven’t noticed the difference with 480i passtrough. Maybe there is one, but it didn’t shock me.
  • 480p 2x: looks also good. The image isn’t flickering anymore! There is a difference with 480p passtrough but I cannot say if it’s better or worse. That’s subjectiv. The image is “smooth”. I prefer this setting, the colors and the pixels are less “sharp”

EDIT: problem found. Sharpness was set to 50% and “Edge enhancement” was enabled.
These caused a sharp picture in passtrough mode. Also for 480i, these caused the image flickering!
Once these options disabled, all was perfect.