Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


I’m a SAM Coupe owner – who is ordering an OSSC shortly. Based on compatibility I’ve heard from other users, it does look like this will work without any issues – so looking forward to placing my order.

Only problem is that I would like to grab the odd project i’m working on – at reasonable quality. I’ve no idea on the best solution though.

I’ve heard of some reasonable feedback regarding the Elgato HD60S – which seems to do a reasonably good job with SAM’s “text mode” – Mode 3 (512 x 192 pixels, 4 colours, pixel colour) and mixed – but not always ideal – results with Mode 4 (256 x 192 – 16 colours, pixel colour).

Doubt there’s many SAM owners here – but if so, any feedback from others – or for machines of a similar level?

I’ve been advised that SAM’s output is:
non-interlaced PAL, 50.02Hz, 312 lines

Any feedback would be appreciated.