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Eric Mackrodt

Thanks @nmalinoski.

Yeah, it seems I was a bit mistaken about the s-video/composite support when I bought the device, I thought the Nintendo 64 would work, that’s on me. I might try to RGB mod it later.

Now, in terms of the other issues, aside from what I mentioned before, I forgot to also mention that I have flicker with the image on my tv, it’s very noticeable on high contrast screens, like the PS1 menu. Now, that seems to be because of my TV, a 65″ 4K tv, not being able to scale the output form the Retrotink properly, I captured the footage with an elgato and the recording doesn’t have the flicker. I think that doesn’t happen with the generic scaler because it output higher resolutions, although it seems my TV is okay with 800×600 coming out of it.

In terms of the noise, I had my RetroTINK connected to one of the USB ports of my TV. I tried to use a Raspberry PI power supply which should be of decent quality (granted, it’s a 3rd party one) and the result is the same. I can see the noise especially on dark colors (black backgrounds are very visible). One example is in the PS1 boot screen or in the beginning of RECV on the dreamcast before turning on the lighter.

Also, I feel the colors of the Generic Upscaler are more vibrant. I have captured some footage of it all, I’ll try to compile them and put them side by side on Youtube, Once I do that, I’ll post it all here.