Reply To: Sound drop : sync issue, TV issue?


I have tested with both VGA and SCART inputs using a Dreamcast. When using SCART input I am using a retrogamingcables UK RGB Scart set to 480p mode.
Auto, DTV 480p and VESA 640×480@60 are all reported as 1280×960/60Hz by the TV when using an H. active value of 640 and V. active 480.
DTV 480p does output in correct 4:3 format vs the narrower VESA 640×480@60 but reported resolution by TV is identical.
Increasing the H. active value to 687 on the OSSC using DTV 480p I am able to more the TV resolution up to 1374×960. Pushing the value beyond 687 does not cause the resolution to increase any further. (Not sure if this helps in any way but wanted to share just in case)

TV reports 1440×960/60hz when using the CRU “profile” you provided.
Another way to get 1440×960/60Hz on the TV is through 480i source as it can be seen here and this also results in sound drops. But as I stated earlier 480p sources result in 1280×960/60Hz.

Also wanted to reiterate that irrespective of the line multiplication and resolution output the sound drop can be constantly reproduced when H. Samplerate is of 858… my gut feeling is that troubleshooting should be focused around that point but my poor knowledge does not allow me to make any suggestion on what to look into exactly.