Reply To: OSSC and Saturn PAL – signal 313p (50HZ)


Hi, issue fixed.
The problem was not in the games running, but in a wrong setup I imported before.
I succeeded in erasing the profile imported, and restoring the device to the ‘out-of-the-box’settings.
OSSC signal received by the RGB scart of my Saturn PAL shifts from 313p to 625i, depending on game and type of image (cutscene or in-game); whatever, output is always 576p which is neatly read by the TV (Panasonic plasma 55vt50). On the other hand, multiple-line processed pictures (3x, 4x, 5x) cannot be displayed.
What I am now struggling for is getting a better image centering and aspect ratio.. Picture quality is certainly good, but I want to try to get a further improvement.
Thanks for your interest and support anyway. I’ll be needing it sooner or later again 🙂