Reply To: OSSC and ps1

Jarrah White

but the shabby quality and input lag of the noname scaler makes playing with “this thing” a heresy.

Trust me, you could do A LOT worse. I’ve seen quite a few cheap scalers over the years. I’ve seen scalers that only accept composite as an input, I’ve seen scalers that actually make S-video look WORSE than composite, I’ve found component scalers that completely corrupt 240p content to the point you can’t even tell what’s happening, and I’ve found quite a lot scalers that don’t support 240p at all. “This thing” gave me the least headaches and was quite easy to use. In all honesty, the lag on it is no worse than what you’d get on a PS4 or Xbox One’s dashboards. If the lag on that thing is causing you problems, good luck getting through modern games. 😛

Granted, it’s handling of 240p and 288p is not as sharp as the Framemeister or OSSC. But I bring it up because in my case, being primarily a PlayStation man, the 288p/576i switches were always the bane my existence. Almost all my favourite PS1 games have the 288p/576i issue and some even exhibit visual glitches on PS3. If echofreeze is planning on using a Framemeister to play Resident Evil, he’s going to be in for a big disappointment.