Reply To: Having trouble with 3X on PS2


The system menu and PS2 games. It cuts back to my TV’s screensaver since it can’t display the picture. The only real reason I wanted to scale it is for recording a bigger picture when I use my capture device without having to blow it up on the computer after it’s been recorded since it records it natively at a very small resolution. Originally I was running 2X through an mclassic and that actually looked pretty decent and would’ve done what I wanted, but I got burn in cause of the bob technique. It’s not that I can’t just change the channel or turn off the TV when I’m not playing, but it happened very fast. Took maybe 10-15 minutes. I decided I’ll just forego the mclassic for now since it only works on 2X and I don’t want to worry about the bob issue, 3X seems like a big enough picture for recording purposes.