Reply To: EU Wii + OSSC + 240p TestSuite Haloing


I have. I think I’ve read the whole internet on it Wii picture quality, but there are a few things either not mentioned or not really seen.

I know the Wii has a “weird” picture quality, and I know the GameCube has a better one (actually years ago I said that in GBATemp and in the shmups forum), but for now I’m concentrating only on the Wii games.

And yeah the WiiDual exist(ed) but my Wii is a RVL-CPU-01 which isn’t compatibly with the WiiDual (only for CPU-40 and above) and I bought the OSSC because of not modding too much. I can get away with soldering stuff like the PSIO for the PS1, but I’m really NOT good at soldering flex cables. I hate them :/

Besides that, some say later revisions of the Wii have better picture quality, many say the opposite. MyLifeInGaming (YouTube) said, they see no difference. Others say there is a difference, but only in 480p content (meaning 480i looks everywhere the same, but the compiler of the progressive picture is superior in later models)

Has anyone a Wii on the OSSC with as much work done to the picture to show a comparison to my shots? Because I don’t see why there is that haloing I was talking earlier about. I am starting to wonder if the unit has some capacitor problem or if it’s somewhere else :/