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First thing first : take your multimeter and check for continuity between +5V and GND on the bypass board (and other pads)…
Check this tweet/thread :
From personal experience and this person’s (acknowledged by Voultar himself), don’t blindly trust Voultar’s boards (or any mod, really). Apparently his software adds artifacts in his gerber files. The issue might pop up 0.1% of the time, but that’s enough to be cautious all the time. So, before doing anything too drastic, check the mod itself. I bought 10 RGB Bypass (Voultar’s V2 boards) and had to throw 2 of them in the garbage bin because there was continuity between +5V and GND and I couldn’t see anything wrong with them so I couldn’t fix them. It doesn’t mean much, I might have been extremely unlucky, but now that you know that it is a possibility, I hope you’ll learn the same lesson I learned (the hard way…) and always check your mods before even trying to fit them in. Good luck folks!