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Andreas Römer

Hi BuckoA51,
after further research I watched the YouTube Video of Jan Beta concerning the C64VE. Beside that I read the thread of Copperdragon: “INSTALLING C64VE IN SHORT BOARD C-64, GROUND ISSUE” in this forum. It’s a pity that the normal docu didn´t mention the necessity to ground the C64VE PCB to provide full funcionality.
Above that even Copperdragon mentioned, that the additional ground-standoffs should be part of the DIY-Package to avoid misunderstandings or malfunctioning.
Fact is: Without the additional ground-standoffs the PCB isn´t working correctly, so they really should be added to the package. At least they are not that expensive , isn’t it? Fortunately I had some in my parts-box 🙂
Another reason to add them is the hight of the C64VE PCB over the C64 Mainboard. If you just use the delivered 2 times 4 standoffs the PCB is too low to reach the hole of the former TV out hole, the same for the resolution switch. Perhaps its not a bad idea to link Jan Betas Youtube video if he agrees.

I think the difficulties I have with the Ypbpr output over my retrotink 2x pro to my LCD Monitor over HDMI is caused by converting the signal two times: 1st time through the FPGA of the C64VE and 2nd by the FPGA of the retrotink 2x pro.

Unfortunately I have no CRT Monitor with Ypbpr input available so I can´t check the timing problems using the C64VE output signal directly. Perhaps you have experiences that can confirm my theory?

Nevertheless I want to try to update the C64VE firmware with the newest version. Is the USB Blaster Cable the I picked on amazon (s.a.) suitable to do so?

Best Regards and thanks in advance,

P.S. Is it possible to share some picturesin this forum? Like small jpegs?