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I have to dig up this old thread.

I am experiencing similar problems with the DVDO iScan VP30 and VP50 and 4K HDTV’s. Normally I use the two DVDO’s on my older Sony KDL-46HX800 Full HD 1080p TV, where they work fine.
But when I connect the DVDO’s to my new Sony KD-65AG8 4K OLED HDTV, I get a completely crooked and distorted picture.

What I noticed is that this problem on the 4K HDTV is related to the progressive output signals of the DVDO’s. If I select a progressive output signal (e.g. 1080p, 720p or 480p) the picture is skewed and distorted. But if I select an interlaced output signal (e.g. 1080i, 576i or 480i) the picture is displayed correctly but with the typical interlace flickering.

The information above is wrong. It just seemed to work at first, but in the 2nd atempt it turns out to show the same behaviour.

I can also imagine that the HDCP copy protection of the HDMI connectors of DVDO’s and new 4K HDTV’s are not 100% compatible anymore. I doubt that one can reproach DVDO in this respect, after all 4K was not an issue when the VP30 and VP50 units were released (2006).

These problems could certainly be solved by firmware, but since support for these devices has long since been discontinued, that won’t happen anymore. Unless a skilled hobby programmer takes care of it and develops a new firmware for it.