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Sorry, I meant Analog Sync LPF (that’s what I get for replying on my phone).

I realized I did the math wrong for calculating which of the options fill the screen the most.

Option 1 is a 480×272 picture in a 576×324 frame. That’s 83% full both horizontally and vertically.
Option 2 is a 960×544 picture in a 1536×864 frame. That’s 62% full both horizontally and vertically.

So yeah, it makes sense that option 1 is larger then. If your TV has zoom / fill functionality, then as you’ve mentioned, use that with line2x.

Oh one more thought, make sure that upsample2x is turned off (I think it’s always disabled with PSP mode enabled, but I forget now).

As far as OSSC Pro goes, the fundamental issue that we’re running into is that we can’t change the clock rate of the video signal. We’re playing tricks with what’s onscreen vs. off, but the clock is always 858 pixels per line * 525 lines per frame * 59.94 frames per second = 26.9 MHz (or *4 in line2x, so 107.9 MHz). With the OSSC Pro, we’ll have the flexibility to read the signal into a frame buffer and output it at a much slower clock rate (without adding lag), which would have the result of removing the large offscreen regions, which will fix your problem. So yes, OSSC Pro will fix this.

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