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My general advice would be to use generic mode instead. If you can’t use the exact samplerate of the console, then it’s not “optimized mode” in the true sense anyway, and you just introduce new artefacts.

Well, maybe, but getting a more 1:1 scale than was really possible with the XRGB Mini was a big appeal with this product to me, so it’d be a little disappointing to let it go so easily, especially when it works with the rest of my stuff fine.

Another suggestion, looking at your last SNES image, you have quite bad crosshatching, which can be either a bad RGB cable (expecially if it’s wired sync on composite video), or you have a model of SNES motherboard (APU-01) that requires a mod to fix the crosshatching. See here: SNES diagonal lines fix

Hmm… I’m using a csync cable from Retro Access, yes. The mod is tempting, but I’m not entirely sure offhand which motherboard version I have, and I don’t quite have the equipment to do this cleanly or safely.

Finally, can the Elgato really passthrough to your monitor without lag? I would suggest using a splitter and send the signals to monitor and capture card separately.

Admittedly, I’m not quite sure if it’s as “lagless” as it claims to be, though the only HDMI splitters I have on me are either really finicky, or only have 2 outputs (I use one output for my audio extractor).