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One step taken, the next to follow….
I re-enabled the Scandoubler on MiST, soldered a VGA->YPbPr-Cable and hooked this up to AV2 of OSSC.
I now dialed in the following numbers:
Linemultiplication-Mode for 480p/576p: 2x
H. Samplerate: 1362
H.Synclen: 64
H.Backporch: 243
H.Active: 960
V.Synclen: 5
V.Backporch: 64
V.Active: 540
Sampling Phase: 258°

Picture is stable and uses the whole 16:9 Screen.
I then wanted to try out the differences when changing Line2x mode from “Generic 4:3” to 320×240 or 256×240(++ 256×240 aspect 8:7)
The changes seem to have no effect? Is this setting only available for 240p-Sources?