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Ok, so i am a bit confused. I thought deinterlacing and line doubling was essentially the same thing, filling in the alternating odd/even lines. so what is the difference from the 576i signal that i get from my PS2 and other 576i signal i get from other consoles where i do not see this flickering?

Which other consoles do you have that output 576i?

There are several ways you can do deinterlacing, typically they involve buffering one or more frames and using that information to construct the best possible picture.

“Bob” deinterlacing that the OSSC and RetroTINK do takes the lines of each interlaced field (consisting of only even or odd lines) and doubles them, filling the entire frame. This causes the bobbing or shimmering effect (though it’s honestly not unlike the effect an old CRT TV had).

And just to confirm, so there is no way i can use the retrotink 2x pro to get rid of the flickering

You can set RetroTINK to pass through mode for interlace sources, that will make your TV handle the deinterlacing.

If i rephrase my question: Is there any way for me to get rid of the flickering, have no input latency, and still be use the Game-mode on my TV? Any device/cables etc?

No, that’s flat out impossible. With interlace you can have zero lag or a nice picture, you can’t have both.

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