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My signal is being passed through an Onkyo TXNR797 receiver to my LG 4k OLED TV.

I get the following results with both the SCART and component video cables.

Mode 1:
Nothing is skewed or cropped, but it looks like the pixels have been smoothed out. The pixels are shaking a bit horizontally with a a still image on screen.

Mode 5:
Pixels are much sharper, but I get the same shaking. It’s also cropping the screen at the top and bottom.

All of the other modes skew the picture similar to the original one posted. Mode 4 keeps blacking out.

Then, I switched to an empty profile.
Modes 3 and 5: Pixels are much sharper and no shaking! Almost looks like an emulator! Just different aspect ratios. The only issue is that all modes are scaling the 240 lines to 1080. I’d rather it do 960 with black bars on the top and bottom to keep it as pixel perfect as possible. It looked like the FirebrandX profiles were designed for that, but apparently something’s off there.

Is there a quick way I can change that with the generic profile?

Edit: I set the 240p proc mode to Line4x, and it looks great now! I’ll have to let FirebrandX know about the issues I had with his profile.