Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


I borrowed my friend’s capture card (cheap chinese card) and HDMI splitter last weekend to capture some NES and SNES footage for a project and I’m having the same audio skipping/stuttering/clipping issues on my RGB-modded NTSC Famicom AV and PAL SuperCIC SNES w/ RGB Scart through OBS via OSSC. Sega Mega Drive/CD/32X and N64 is totally fine and audio is flawless.

I was initially going to dismiss it as a fault with the chinese capture card (or even the hdmi splitter) but I noticed the earlier posts and it made me wonder if the issue could be with the OSSC (I personally think it’s unlikely but I hope not.).

Anyway, I’ve conducted some tests and here’s what I found out. Hopefully this will be of use to someone.

Test 1: OSSC connected directly to TV via HDMI (no capture card. no hdmi splitter). Audio output via TV = RGB NTSC Famicom AV, RGB PAL SuperCIC SNES, RGB Mega Drive/CD/32 and RGB N64 audio is flawless. No Stutter.

Test 2: OSSC connected to HDMI Splitter outputting on TV only. Audio output via TV = RGB Mega Drive/CD/32 and RGB N64 audio is flawless. Audio on NTSC Famicom AV and PAL SuperCIC SNES is noticably stuttering irrationally. Video is fine. (HDMI splitter issue??)

Test 3: OSSC connected to HDMI Splitter outputting on TV and OBS preview (on Windows PC). Audio output via TV and OBS recording = same as above. Video:

Test 4: OSSC connected to capture card directly outputting on OBS preview (on Windows PC. No HDMI Splitter). Audio output via OBS recording/PC = NTSC Famicom AV and PAL SuperCIC SNES audio has improved but there’s a slight audio hiccup/stutter at times. Not as noticeably bad as before but it does sound “off” every now and then. Video is laggy but I guess that’s expected given that I’m playing through OBS and it’s more dependant on my PC specs & capture card. Recorded footage’s video is fine but audio is noticeable. Video:

So yeah….I’m not implying that there’s a fault with the OSSC as there’s too many factors in my scenario but I do find it strange that Famicom and SNES audio isuses stand out just like the others here so I wanted to share. Will be doing more tests this weekend. Specfically trying to rule out if the fault is originating from the HDMI Splitter or the cheap capture card. Rule out HDMI cables and extension cables. Everything. Will also be tweaking OBS settings and seeing if that’s an issue.

UPDATE: managed to solve the issue. It was the HDMI Splitter. Also, the audio down-sampling setting on ossc helped me with the audio stutter/skipping on my NES when it’s set to disabled. Might be worth a try if you’re experiencing the same thing.