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@leewrigley I thought about this a bit more. Still with the working hypothesis of a ground loop-like issue and/or mains frequency leakthrough, another source of the diagonal lines might pertain to the power supply. What kind of power supply/supplies are you using for your device(s)? Have you checked if their output looks relatively clean?

I assume you are in an area with 50 Hz mains, given that you are using a PAL N64? If not, then the 50 vs. 60 Hz disparity could cause a diagonal pattern if the mains frequency were to leak into your AV equipment. Other power supply issues could also cause similar effects.

Also, concerning common causes for ground loops, are all your devices connected to the same ground? Is any of your devices not grounded at all (TVs, VCRs etc. often are not)? Is there any source your devices might get a second, different ground from? For instance, if some AV equipment is connected to an antenna, it might have a ground with a different potential from that of the mains grid, in which case one of the grounds needs to be disconnected.