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Thank you megari for the improvements to the FW, i tried to update my Koryuu with my TL899 programmer (i use it with other ATMEGA328P devices, like Arduino’s) but with no success. Waiting for the usb programmer ordered in next days to make further test.
In the meanwhile, i wonder if is possible to change the component output from YPbPr to PrPbY as option: i bought Koryuu for working in side to OSCC, and found in a blog that they could be connected by male to male rca adaptor, but obviouvsly it’s not possible because red and blue connector are inverted when Koryuu and OSSC are connected directly. From a quick look at source code, and without schematics, i can’t understand if the RCA are hardcoded or they could be swapped by firmware, can you give us some more info?