Reply To: SNES X4 and X5 so sooo close but…

Yovan Basurto

I figured it out!!!! First in 1080p the tv would automatically switch to rgb color while my tv is set to limited. Thus giving me a colorful picture that seemed better. The 1600×1200 and 1960×1200 mode were set to limited. So after fixing that it wasn’t right yet but the colors were even across all modes. Then I went to the phase Option and started messing with it and got it! So now I have the correct aspect in 1960×1200 with the pixels sharp and right color.

Can it be sharper? Maybe if I mess with the settings but right now it looks goooooood. So ain’t going to mess with it. It’s really nice now.

Now if I can do some magic with my Wii I’m set. Lol. That system still looks blurry as all hell.