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@megari: i flashed the -ntp firmware on Koryuu and i got test pattern in output composite when no cable it’s connected in input ports. Just tested your RC1-ntp too, same result. I reflashed the default version, and made some “verify” to be sure the fw in the AVR is loaded fine, but found no error in flashing memory. I didn’t found the version 1.0 to make further test, is there some others check i can do?
after more test, playing with code of your main.cpp, i rid off of the test patter only removing the write in 0x82 and 0x84 subaddress, where you put the #if 0 conditional compiling: in this way, i got no test pattern (and, no computer output too, but i expected this), but…. the OSSC find in any case an output signal and its auto tune set the input to Koryuu!
Wasn’t that the scope of the NTP version? i think i’ll remain to the “default” branch and poweroff the koryuu when not in use.. it’s simpler and more “green” 😉