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I don’t agree with the bolded sentence in the quoted text. It cannot be claimed that resolution is lost when no lines from the source has been removed, and the temporal resolution likewise has not been altered.

Right, LOL. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a piece of technology with so many myths and misunderstandings around it.

So the error in his statement is that the OSSC is doubling each line of EACH FIELD (not a just a single field). So the two fields are still combined into the progressive output with no loss of any lines or quality loss, apart from ….

“The rule of thumb is, if your priority is a good picture, use your displays deinterlacer.” The OSSC Quick Start Guide.

So that refers to the slightly flickering image due to bob de-interlacing as well as some combing artefacts. If this is correct I can more than live with this.

EDIT: But my explanation is not quite there, and also (is it just me) why can no one seem to quite accurately explain what’s going on ?

(Me after days with the OSSC lol … could not get the forum to display this image.

Anyway I found the following that explains it much more adequately for me …

“Bobbing: each field gets a full frame.. instantly, you have twice the amount of data/file size and you have to double the speed of playback.. otherwise, your video gets slowmo.. smooth movement, but some content could ‘shake vertically’.” – Source.

“Each field gets a full frame”. FINALLY ! That’s all I wanted to know.

As a final question, and BTW thanks for sticking with me on this, is there anyway in the OSSC to “dump” or “screenshot” what the OSSC is sending to my TV so I could make direct pixel by pixel comparisons between output modes ? I could just photograph the TV screen but this is already like comparing differences between audio sources, its subject to placebo effects.

EDIT 2/ADDITION: So I had to add this as well

    as I finally cracked it

. I originally tried GSM ( Graphics Synthesizer Mode Selector ) but decided it just did not work with enough games. However after reading that Component output is required for 576p and other progressive output I tried switching to component output in the PS2 menu (not RGB) to see if I could send that down my SCART cable into the OSSC. It worked !. So then I try GSM again with a game that is not listed as supporting any progressive output; Medal of Honor: European Assault. 576p now works with it. However it was still badly scaled on my TV. So I tried 480p and that scales better. All the other GSM modes lead to blank screens or crashes. So now I have much better scaling AND progressive video input to the OSSC. For some reason I can only get 2x doubling and passthru options available for both 480p and 576p. I also altered some of the timings to properly scale the resulting game video but its still cropped off the bottom but playable. Does anyone know anything else I can try to center the image properly ? See this screenshot that shows the OSSC timing settings in the menu. It scales to the top properly but what you can’t see in the photo is cropping off the bottom of the frame which just crops the bottom of the HUD in this game. Cheers.