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Jon Nielsen

Hi Vlad,

If I can assume it’s the RGC universal cable, then you’re right. It has a sync stripper and takes composite sync from pin 9.

If you connected csync to pin 9 without cutting the trace, that could be your problem. There would then be composite video and sync coming from the N64 encoder as well as N64A csync and you’d be lucky to get any picture. If your cable takes sync from there, and you don’t care about composite video, I suggest cutting the trace.

Probably I wouldn’t sacrifice S-video by cutting pin 7 either – so unless you have a PAL console without S-video, I’d leave that alone.

There’s another option if you don’t want to cut anything at all: Remove the bridge to pin 9, having N64A csync going to pin 3 – leaving the option of using a csync cable later. And with your current cable you could switch to RGsB or YPbPr in both N64A settings and on the OSSC, bypassing the need for a dedicated sync line. I don’t know if any circuitry in the RGC universal cable would prevent this from working, but I’ve used this trick when temporarily switching cables.

Hope it works.

As a side note – I’ve just updated the N64A firmware from the latest published on git by borti, and finally linex3 is stable with any cable and sync type 🙂