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Hey @megari I found out Amazon sells USBASP programmers so I just got one next day lol.
I went through the process using a combination of the steps from the wiki and the video, and I was able to get it updated.

Results: The 480i from dreamcast s-video looks fixed for me, Great job! I did some AB testing by switching between my CRT’s native s-video port, and component through the koryuu s-video. Both pictures looked very nearly identical. The only thing I saw was the colors might be slightly brighter going through the koryuu. This might be a TV setting for all I know.

As for 240p test… I was using a genesis model 1 with sonic 1 to test the composite transparency trick on the waterfalls. My main goal in using the koryuu is to sidestep my trinitron’s bad dot crawl issue with composite signals. This generally works, but the koryuu introduces some other issues. For example the dimensions of the overscan changes slightly, and I am able to see the edges of the left side of the picture when using the Koryuu vs the native composite input. Also, the quality of the color change is much more significant. Colors seem to be blown out and maybe slightly hue shifted. I wish I could give more specifics than that. It is difficult to screenshot the subtle differences on the CRT picture. The last issue is there is a steady flicker to the image that I do not see on native composite, or s-video dreamcast into the koryuu. I wonder if this could be the age of the genesis not playing well with the koryuu. I have a much younger Genesis 3 that I will experiment with when I get the chance.

Thanks for the help.