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To be honest, if you want something to dedicate to the PS2, your best bet would be find a 2000s-era flat CRT – they’re exactly what the system was designed for and will have the least visible pixellation, best shading, etc. Might have to keep an eye out for one appropriate to your space, of course, a lot of these were serious behemoths! But if you can arrange the room around what you find, you’ll be able to get the ideal PS2 experience for free or close to it. They came in various sizes, so a smaller one might turn up your local Facebook Marketplace/freecycle/regional equivalent if you’re patient.

All right, with that out of the way, if you can’t dedicate the space to a CRT (I can’t, myself, due to already having a hobby with monstrously heavy ancient oversized boxes: guitar and bass amps), that’s probably as good a TV choice as any for an OSSC/RetroTINK platform. See what reviews are telling you, and (if you can see it in person before buying, or can find a YouTube demo) get a look at what the options/setup screens look like – you’ll probably be spending a lot of time with it.

3xLaced is a weird mode, I’m sure there’s not much that supports it. (I was wrong in my earlier post, it did look weird on my old TV.) It’s probably the exact thing some folks need in some circumstances, but you can ignore it most of the time. Not sure how your current monitor is handling the image processing if 2x and 4x look the same (since they should be outputting two different resolutions), maybe it’s doing some kind of auto-zoom? Did you set the sampling rates to the ones I gave in my first post? It might treat the signals differently after you do, I know mine did.

With some very specific exceptions (Gran Tourismo 4 and… something else, I forget what), don’t believe any PS2 game’s claim to widescreen. Even when the setting does anything, all you get is the top and bottom of the picture chopped off and the middle blown up – and even then, the menus are probably still stuck in 4:3! You’ll get your best picture, with the framing the games were designed around, in 4:3. Learn to embrace the black bars on the left and right of your screen, they’re your travel companions in this retro journey!

(As a caveat, I should point out that there are some true widescreen mods for PS2 games out there, but you’ll need to deal with the whole softmod/homebrew thing, and if you thought the OSSC was complex…)