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It’s not that simple, unfortunately. The red light in an incidation that OSSC loses sync lock which may occur due to source switching mode (which can be very temporary with certain systems/games) or noise/glitches on sync signal. The digitizer chip is not very tolerant to any sync deviations since its primarily designed for graphics systems with stable and regular sync. To rule out cable etc. issues, you can try the following:

1. Set “Analog sync LPF” to 2.5MHz and “Analog STC LPF” to 0.5MHz (SDTV). You can try additionally adjusting “Analog sync Vth”.
2. If you have composite cable for SNES, try connecting it to Y-input (B/W picture on AV2) and see if the issue reproduces
3. Freeze reading of incoming video status after booting a game by pressing “profile load” hotkey on remote and leaving it on the prompt

Anyone else can try that particular game to see if this is related to mode changes?