Reply To: Differences between component cables?


I’ve certainly not had any brightness issues using the official HDTV pack with my Xbox. I doubt the monster cable could have gone off though.. though you could consider the MakeMHZ HDMI mod instead now.

I just got a Sony Trinitron 1080i with DVI input and am waiting for the MakeMHZ HD+ mod shipment. That could be a combination I put many hours on. The Sony CRTs have a ton of options including gamma out the wazoo so I am sure I will get an awesome picture for the Xbox.

I’m still leaning on the brightness issue just having to do with gamma curve shape and not level, which isn’t really rectified with a standard gamma correction. Or it’s just my bias, whatever causes it. But that is why I bought the Sony CRT, because it “should” look correct especially direct over component from the Xbox. That’s why I hope MakeMHZ and citrus3000 are considering implementing custom gamma curves or at the least a toggle between “modern standard” and “CRT,” because again modern 2.5 isn’t the same as CRT 2.5. In my opinion that is the only true way to get it right, and I just talked to N64 freak where mentioned how hard it was to get the levels right for different screens. If you implement a toggle as a user option that accurately compensates depending on the type of display, as in more accurate than just changing gamma level, it will make for a better product that everyone can rely on. Especially considering these mods will semi-permanently change your video output.

I have an update on this here. Also, there is no difference between the modded Xbox 360 cable and the Monster. The color issue I had was due to display white temperature differences. With bad component cables you will see a more distinct pure green tint rather than a yellow one like I was seeing.