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Ok so I just did the testing and got mixed results. 1st I downgraded to v1.4 and tested with the mClassic in use (full processing mode with the green light). 480i signal was normal and was being upscaled to 1080p. Then I switched the game to 480p mode with the mClassic and the picture had a lot of fuzzy noise in it and the audio was going in and out. So then I took the mClassic out and hooked the 2x-M straight to my tv and did the same tests with good results. 480p was stable and worked just as it should. After that I reintroduced the mClassic and the picture started to go in and out like I and others have mentioned. So I restarted the 2x-M and now the picture was staying and I put it through it’s paces again. This time everything worked perfectly except the mClassic was not upscaling 480p to 1080p like I’ve seen in another post on here and it was not stretching the image to 16:9. Then I switched the mClassic through all its modes. Retro mode (blue light) had no issues with 480i or 480p minus not upscaling to 1080p. However sometimes when switching back to full processing mode (green light) would introduce the picture noise and audio problem that I first had and sometimes it worked fine.

I’m now convinced that our 480p issues are all firmware related so hopefully a future update can fix it once the dust settles from the 5x. The problems with 480p don’t bother me as much as the picture going in and out for like 10 seconds or so though. I really hope this is firmware related too and not just that we got a bad batch of units because this problem happened with both v1.4 and v1.8.