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Hi corkerss,

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any follow-up from Marseille for this particular issue. I’m still having the same issue for the Wii, though my PS2 through SCART seems to work fine (although I’ve played PS1 games mostly, not PS2. Then again the SNES is also 240p so it should be the same situation, unless the Hz are the problem). For the Wii I’ve just ended up connecting the mClassic directly to the OSSC whenever I do use it and then just move it back to the Switcher for everything else.

I’ve found the issue works even in “off” or “passthrough” mode for the mClassic so I’m assuming the signal being passed through is still being chopped up for some reason. Since Marseille can’t update the mClassic (no firmware updates are possible) I think we may just have to wait for an updated version of the mClassic, maybe one that supports HDMI 2. Though, this is also an assumption on my part, thinking that maybe the issue is the HDMI 1.4 of the mClassic.

Not sure what else to do…

Please let me know if you think of anything else.