Reply To: HDMI Licensing question


Thanks for the reply, there is something I don’t quite get though… Looking at the schematic, the OSSC currently features an IT6613 chip, which is a compliant HDMI 1.4 transmitter. In addition to this, the very fact that the OSSC with extension board is capable of transmitting audio over the digital video interface would seem to be an indication that the OSSC IS, in fact, already transmitting a compliant HDMI signal, perhaps with a subset of features, and perhaps not officially certified.

Do you know how this situation was handled from a legal standpoint? And what kind of licensing scheme would allow such operation without becoming an HDMI adopter? I would imagine that the IT6613 chip provider, ITE Tech Inc. has already licensed the technology (they are an HDMI adopter) and, by selling the device to non-HDMI adopters, they would be subject to the HDMI per-product fees. At that point, if OSSC is not using the HDMI trademark and is not implementing its own HDMI transmitter it would seem possible that no licensing fees would need to be paid by the OSSC manufacturers, does this make sense?

Thank you again for your precious insights