Reply To: Capture card compatibility report thread


I’ve been completely fed up with the USB3HDCAP drivers, but it’s the only capture card that is capable of capturing the SNES’s OSSC output. Upon seeing this thread, I purchased the ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP Plus and tested it, and it works like a dream. This is not sponsored or anything, it literally was just plug and play. I could not believe it. There are 2 downsides so far – 1 is that it shows the resolution as a grey bar when it changes, which isn’t a huge issue. 2 is that in OBS, to get audio, you have to manually add it as a separate audio source, but that might not be a downside to you. An additional downside on some Amazon reviews said it stopped working after a time, but that could just be duds. I’ve had it less than a day so I cannot speak to that.

I made some video tests to prove that it does indeed work with the SNES specifically.

Here is a short sample of the SNES via the OSSC with Generic 4:3 and with Firebrandx’s Optimal Timings, at line2x, line3x, line4x, and line5x:

Gameplay on SNES with optimal timings and some OBS filters:

The filters I used are:
1. crop to game content
2. Point scale to 256×224, or use Total’s 240p filter ( )
3. Area scale to 960×720
It is set to 601, Full

Gameplay from Switch at 1080p: