Reply To: Some OSSC questions


MD games have boarders on my TV. 240p grid pattern test shows it’s displaying correctly.
MD 480i games are compatible if you adjust the pre/post coast values as per the Wiki instructions
Output is 720×480″

just to clarify, it has side borders?
also can you (or someone else) test entering a special stage in sonic 2? the bright flash of white causes the XRGB-3 to lose sync to the console. I would like to know if it happens with the ossc or not.

-The output is totally dependent on the console. If one scanline is slightly longer/shorter as is with SNES, that is reflected on the output and not all displays like that.

Any idea why the snes doesn’t have a problem with the XRGB-2 plus or XRGB-3 (b1 mode) analog line doublers?

Also, regarding 720p tv incompatibility… what is the problem? is it outputting pillar boxed 1280×720 or is it trying to send 960×720???