Reply To: Sync problems with NTSC Sega Genesis


I’e been having an email convo with Bucko and he asked me to post about my Megadrive setup in this thread. So i have a PAL Megadrive 1, Mega CD 1 and 32x Tower of Power! All 3 were modified with a switchless mod at the same time by videogameperfection (Ray). I tend to keep it all configured as NTSC US. I don’t recall where i bought the Megadrive to 32x stereo patch lead and 32x RGB scart cable. I normally buy all my cables from retro gaming cables but in this instance i didn’t and i can’t remember why, maybe he didn’t have any in stock. Any way if i change my Video LPF setting to 2.5mhz (High) i get a really good strong stable picture. So far I’ve only played 30 mins on Streets or Rage 2 and 20 – 30 mins on Mortal Kombat 2 (32x) but i don’t seem to get any artifacts or flicker at all. Not sure if this info is useful to anyone, or if anyone wants anymore info about my setup just let me know.