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I also took the plunge on the DIY kits. I have slightly more soldering experience having also done the NESRGB mod, but certainly not with such small SMD components.

Out of curiosity, did you know about I’ve found his recommendation for 300C and connecting opposite legs on the ICs first (to achieve good alignment) before drag soldering the other 2 rows to be excellent advice. I also struggled to remove solder from IC pins and my side to side motion resulted in more than one bent pin that was tedious to fix. I found it was easier to control the flow of solder to the legs by using a very fine tip and only putting enough solder on the tip to go a 4-6 pins at a time. Maybe with more practice I could have used a larger tip and done the whole row in one drag like he recommends.

I was able to get the board fully assembled, but discovered that all but one of my voltage regulators have a pin with an incorrect connection to ground. Hopefully I just have a small bridge on the ICs that needs to be cleaned up as I’m still very new to the art of diagnosing malfunctioning circuits.

Best of luck with your second attempt.