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Right, but as the World Core is limited to CVBS, it is an interest of mine to use composite. There are solutions that cover some but not all the needs and I’ve accumulated a box of unacceptable converters in my wake. The best I’ve seen is this black and white upscale using the Sony – it’s not bad. I’ve ordered a NTSC/PAL converter (which does have S-VIDEO). So this is still the best solution so far. If someone has a better idea, I’m all ears!

There’s still this issue of loosing sync one bright flashes. Maybe putting a 75 ohm resistor from center to ground would help?

I’m not a video guy, I have an audio background. All this video format stuff I find a bit baffling and frustrating. We don’t have these sorts of incompatibility problems with audio signals. So I do greatly appreciate the expert advice of people on this forum.