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    I just got my OSSC 1.6 and power supply from Video Game Perfection, and I tested out my PS2 on my Samsung H7150 LCD TV, using the non-PACKAPUNCH version of the Retro Gaming Cables SCART RGB cable. 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x all work and create beautiful video with no lag. However, the audio during silent parts of games has a very slight static noise that I would describe as a hissing sound.

    I tested hooking the PS2 directly up to the TV without using the OSSC. I had to use different cables since my TV does not take SCART, so I used the PS2’s component cables and there was no static noise in the audio. Of course, the video looked like shit and there was tons of lag, but that is expected from internal TV upscalers. I am waiting for an RCA to 3.5mm adapter to arrive so that I can test the component cables with the OSSC to rule out the cables as the source of the noise.

    Is it possible the Retro Gaming Cables SCART cable is at fault?
    Is it normal for the OSSC to have very minor audio static noise in the output?
    Are there any settings to run a low pass filter on the audio?
    Is there a hardware solution such as a low pass filter that I can add to the cables?
    Is this caused by a faulty OSSC?
    Is this caused by a cheap power supply (remember, I am using the universal power supply sold by Video Game Perfection)?


    Have you tried with audio downsampling off and on (trying each setting)?

    Audio Options -> Downsampling

    The PS2 has caps built in to the console, and they are redundant if they are in the cable also, possibly causing something unintentional if they are present. RGC does a pretty good job of noting this and I believe separating their PS2 cables from the PS1 cables, for ordering purposes. But, possibly something to double check. The details are noted in the FAQ’s:

    Humming or other audio artifacts usually happen during bright screens, if it’s the cable that is to blame.

    The power supply VGP sless is as good or better than other comparable power supplies i have run my OSSC with, and minor audio static is not typically present.

    It might also be worth trying to clean the a/v out connector on the PS2. Get some isopropyl alcohol (91% or greater). Splash a little on the SCART cable console end pins. Insert and remove it to/from the console a/v out port. Blow the console a/v out and the SCART cable console end connector with some compressed air and let sit for 20 minutes. 20 minutes is overkill, but makes sure any residual moisture is gone.


    I am using the PS2 version of the RGC SCART cable. The audio static is only noticeable when the game is not making any sound, such as during a load screen, where no game music or sounds are playing yet. The cable is totally new.

    I will play around with the sampling settings and check back here with the results. Does the OSSC have a low pass filter that can be applied to the audio before or during analog to digital conversion?


    Analog noise floor? How loud is the volume? Do you have any kind of automatic volume leveling option enabled on your TV/soundbar/whatever?


    I just got home and tested the following variations:

    1. ps2 to OSSC using component: audio static/hiss noise still exists

    2. SNES to OSSC using component: clean audio, no static, no hissing

    My guess is that the ps2 slim’s audio output is noisy, but if I attach the ps2 directly to the Samsung TV’s component, there is no audio static or hiss. Maybe the TV has a low pass filter?


    The OSSC firmware is 0.78a. I will update to the latest to see if that helps and then report back.


    I updated the OSSC firmware from 0.78a to 0.81a, and now the audio is crystal clear from the ps2. The hiss, static audio noise is gone!

    I am very happy with my OSSC!


    Interesting, there were some audio fixes in newer firmware specifically for the Megadrive.


    Aside from having to update to the latest firmware, my OSSC just works perfectly!

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