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    If you’ve tried your capture card with your OSSC please report if it works or not here. If you’ve tried different line multiplication modes, even better.

    So far we’ve got:-

    Avermedia Live Gamer 1/2 – Compatible 2x only (various testers)
    Elgato Game Capture – Incompatible (Tester – HDL)
    Magewell HDMI Capture – Compatible but issues with RGB NES (tester Wyrm)
    Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI – Compatible (various reports)
    Startech USB3HDCap – Compatible at 3x (Tester – Mythic)

    Keep the reports coming in!


    Just passing on what I’ve seen elsewhere:

    Datapath Vision RGB E1 – RGBSource at shmupsforums reported it was compatible with all modes, which RetroRGB later confirmed on his weekly show

    And some from the TV compatibility thread:
    ELGATO HD 60 PRO (internal card) – Lx2 only, desertpogona.
    Yuan SC542 N4 HDMI – not compatible, Edenal.
    AVerMedia HD DVR (C027) – mainly Lx2, NJRoadfan
    Epiphan DVI2PCIe – all modes, NJRoadfan

    The Phantomnaut

    OSSC 1.5 with .77 firmware.

    Startech USB3HDCAP (w/ Modified Micomsoft XCAPTURE-1 driver by TheThrillness):

    240p: 2x, 3x and 4x works fine in both TX HDMI and DVI. Passthrough works fine in TX HDMI; TX DVI results in a squished image with only the left half of the screen visible. 5x doesn’t work on any TX modes. ALL TESTED IN GENERIC 4:3 MODE.
    480i: Passthrough, 2x and 4x works fine in TX HDMI. TX DVI recognizes 2x and 4x fine; Passthrough results in squished image with left half of screen visible. 3x in all modes only shows top half of screen.
    480p: Passthrough and 2x works fine on both TX modes.
    1080i: Can’t recognize any resolution at any TX mode. Crashed capture device but went back to normal when replugged.


    What does Lx2 and TX stand for?


    Lx2 – Line double
    TX – Transfer mode (either HDMI or DVI)


    Hello! I am PLEASED to say that with version 0.77 the device now WORKS with the Avermedia LGHD on default settings!!!!
    This is fantastic as this is a VERY reliable and common card to own!
    More tests will have to be done to find its limitations!
    Tested this with my modded N64. Works GREAT! Better than my Elgato HD60 PRO I think.



    @DESERTPOGONA I’d be really interested in any of your findings on Avermedia’s LGHD card. I picked up a LGHD2 to stream console content and decided to pre-order an OSSC to pair it with. I haven’t found much information about how well they pair together so anything you can provide would be invaluable to me



    I’ve tested two external capture devices with the v1.5 OSSC (audio board installed) and thought I’d share my results. I am using HD Retrovision’s SNES & Genesis cables and OBS for broadcast and recording. These are the only consoles I’ve tested.

    · The Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket worked well in 3X mode for streaming and video capture. My settings are Generic 4:3, .77a firmware, HDMI TX, and everything else default. 4X and 5X did not work.

    ·The El Gato HD60 (not the Pro) would only work in 2X mode using the same settings as above for streaming and video capture. 3X, 4X and 5X all gave me an error saying the resolution was not supported

    · ASUS VG248QE PC monitor – 2x, 3x, 4x worked
    · Sony Bravia – 2x & 3x worked
    · Samsung UN50JU6500 – 2x & 3x worked

    The signal on the Genesis seems to cut out a little between screen transitions (there are no issues during gameplay, menus, or cut scenes just the transitions between them). It’s not a big issue as the displays I’ve tested are just black a little longer than normal. However, when this happens using the El Gato I briefly get a “No Signal” screen before recognizing the signal again. This is ok if you’re just capturing footage but it’s jarring when streaming. The Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket behaves like my monitor/TV and does not show a “No Signal” message during recording or streaming.

    I did not have the “No Signal” issue using the El Gato with the SNES but the drawback is it only supporting 2x mode.

    Here are some footage examples (please excuse commentary and poor gameplay at times). Despite YouTube’s process and upstream limitations I think the footage still looks quite good. Also, the El Gato video will have a 720p 60fps option on YouTube but the signal was just upscaled from the 480p signal received in 2x mode at 60fps when broadcasting with OBS.

    · SNES Footage with Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket – ·
    · Genesis Footage with El Gato HD60 –

    I don’t have footage to provide of the PVR Rocket paired with the Genesis or the El Gato with the SNES but will in the future.

    I hope this helps people visiting the forum and I will do my best to answer questions.


    HD Video Capture Pro as reviewed here:-

    Works in 3x and 4x modes.


    captured some pc engine games via component cable to OSSC. Only using the basic settings at the moment but I noticed during areas where the screen goes white I get a tint of green that appears at the top part of the screen See the Konami Logo from 0:05 and from 5:10 which strangely makes me feel I’m looking at a CRT. Also Detana Twinbee on the pc engine I CANNOT get a picture signal although the audio comes through fine.

    pc engine to elgato game capture HD via component cable


    So I just got the OSSC 1.6, with firmware .78a. Works in Lx2 mode on my Avermedia Livegamer Extreme, and should be the same as the Razer Ripsaw, as they’re the same hardware. 3X and up modes don’t work on the capture card, but they do on my TV. Going to keep working to see if I can at least enable 3X on the LGE.


    Not noticing any issues with the Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K PCI express card. On a sort of off-topic note, I’m not sure I’d recommend this card for video game capture because there’s some odd color range problems, at least dealing with Windows software. The only way I’ve been able to get the colors looking right is through the 10-bit RGB uncompressed capture in Blacmagic Media Express, but my poor commodity magnetic disks can not keep up with the required write speeds. Still, if you’re looking for a capture device for use with OSSC, it is an interesting device. Blackmagic devices have support for Windows, Linux and macOS (though not all devices support all platforms!) and have an otherwise impressive featureset. I will try to return here with some captures, but I’m just getting started with stuff at the moment.


    Just wanted to report that the OSSC 1.6 works with the Startech PCIe Capture Card and it looks great on my twitch stream. Although it did NOT work with my Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro like others have reported too.


    Avermedia Live Gamer HD C985.

    So far works great for Line x2, x3, x4.

    Captures SNES audio through HDMI just fine as well.


    im assuming furiouspaul is using a pexhdcap? what drivers do you use? I have pretty mixed results. x2 and x4 work fine for me if I change HDMI Bandwith in the cards properties to 125%. I have no idea what the hdmi bandwith setting actually doess . If I use x3 the video cuts out alot for some reason. Also all my systems seem to work well in x4 mode with the weird hdmi bandwidth setting except for my ps2 but I always had issues capturing ps2 with my pexhdcap.

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