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    Line 2x mode RGB sega saturn to OSSC – Elgato Game capture HD. I’ve reduced the scanlines to 6% and think this might be the most ideal for this capture device.


    I have the live gamer portable 1 and 2, not the 2 plus, but a 2 never the less. Once I get my OSSC, I will test using both capture cards.


    My capture card of choice is the Hauppauge HDPVR Rocket.

    Compatibility with OSSC 1.6 (HDPVR Rocket connected to a PC)

    60Hz modded PAL Mega Drive:
    – Recognized in Passthru, 3X, 4X, 5X (only in 1080p). 2X Not recognized.

    PAL PS2 through Component:
    – PS2 games in Progressive Scan: Recognized in Passthru. 2X not recognized.
    – PS2 games in 480i/576i: Regognized in Passthru and bob. 3X and 3X bob not recognized.
    – PS2 games in 240p/288p: Not recognized at all.
    – PS1 games: Not recognized at all.

    PSP through Component:
    – PSP games in 480p: Regognized in Passthru. 2X not recognized.
    – PS1 games in 480p: Regognized in Passthru. 2X not recognized.
    – PS1 games in 240p: Recognized in Passthru, 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X (only in 1080p)

    PAL Wii through Component:
    – Wii games in 480p: Recognized in Passthru. 2X not recognized.
    – Gamecube games in 480i/576i: Recognized in Passthru and bob. 3X and 3X bob not recognized.

    PAL Dreamcast via VGA:
    -480p: Recognized in Passthru and 2X.

    Compatibility with OSSC 1.6 (HDPVR Rocket in stand alone mode, recording to a USB device)

    – Compatibility is the same, but it will only record in 30FPS! This will result in the picture and sound being out-of-sync, which is annoying. There is a fix, however: Open the file in your video editing software of choice and slow down the sound track until it’s as long as the video track.(Or speed up the video – no idea which one is more correct.) There, back in sync. There is no way to fix the original out-of-sync file, sadly.

    More consoles will be tested and I’ll (probably) upload example videos for each console.


    Does anyone here have a dreamcast and had any luck getting the intensity shuttle to work with the OSSC?


    Been trying to get the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (BMIS) to work with the OSSC, PS2 & my Macs. No luck so far. I hear the Black Magic products are very picky about their inputs.

    Would this be something that could be addressed with changing the settings, and/or a future firmware update? Debating on whether I should keep the BMIS or not.


    My main capture for the OSSC is a Datapath E1S which works with anything that you throw at it.

    For my laptop capture I was using a Avermedia LGX previously with a framemeister, which worked well at 720p, but when I switched over to the OSSC it could only do 2x 480p, and would glitch out every so often.

    But I have good news! I picked up an Elgato Cam Link, and I can confirm it works perfect at 2x, 3x, and 4x. It could possibly work with 5x with some further tweaking.


    I have the Avermedia Live Gamer 2 and I tested it in multiple modes with 240p output signal.
    It only works in line-doubling mode x2. (480p) All the other modes don’t work even with the different TX options (TX HDMI and DVI).

    🙂 Based on what you’ve said, the Elgato Cam Link has piqued my interest, the only down side about it is that it doesn’t have a passthrough for the HDMI signal… Ideally I would love being able to record and possibly stream my game on Twitch so I would have to get a powered HDMI splitter if I want to make sure I get no extra input lag whatsoever. And you seem pretty knowledgeable so I have a bit of a tricky question for you :).. Now, if I were to buy the Elgato Cam Link and use a powered HDMI splitter, how well would the splitter handle the signal? If Capture Cards are having trouble with it then I’m afraid splitters would run into the same issue… My goal is to simply be able to use at least the Line4x and Line5x mode simultaneously with a Capture Card and on my HD TV / HD Monitor… Let me know if you have any ideas if something like that could work 😉


    In my experience, splitters handle pretty much anything you throw at them, no problem. From my understanding, they’re pretty “dumb” & do no kinds of processing (which is what cap cards do), & basically act as a pass through.

    One thing you might want to look at while shopping for splitters is if it “strips” HDCP or not. While this isn’t an issue with using the OSSC, it might be something you’ll want to have if you ever plan on using it for newer consoles, especially the PS3.


    Oh yeah, that is good information concerning the HDCP, good point…

    With that in mind, I was wondering if @owlnonymous or anyone els had a chance to give the Elgato Cam Link a try in 240P x5 mode?

    Also, a friend of mine recently told me that his StarTech USB3HDCAP was accepting 240P x 4 just fine!

    I’m debating whether I should get the StarTech or the Elgato. The Elgato is cheaper but I wonder if x5 would work… That would be amazing! Maybe I’ll get the Cam Link and test it out, if 240P x4 works well on it then it’s already a great start. I’ll keep you guys updated…

    UPDATE / November 28: I bought the Elgato Cam Link with an HDMI powered splitter (HDMI1.3+ certified). I should receive it on Thursday, the 29th of November… More updates to come…



    Could you please let me know what settings you are using to get the C985 Live Gamer HD to pick up 4x mode?

    I can get 2x and 3x to work in Xsplit, but when I switch to 4x for any 240p source, my TV handles it great with the proper 4:3 aspect ratio but the capture card stretches it out and cuts some of the picture off.

    Thanks in advance!



    Any updates on the Elgato cam link please?

    Can you stream with the Elgato cam link without a cam? I am sorry, i’m confused if it is like any capture card or you must have a cam to stream?

    Could you please link the HDMI splitter you ordered?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you, appreciate it!!!


    Hi @McLiLBas,

    Amazon has been having a lot of issues delivering their packages recently so I haven’t received it yet. Hopefully I will get it tonight but won’t have much time to test it out until tomorrow (Friday).

    The Elgato Cam Link is just like any other Capture Card, but it’s mostly for people streaming from their DSLRs / other cameras to add multiple views etc. So my guess is maybe it offers a wider compatibility in terms of format/resolution? Not sure what the differences would be hardware-wise compared to other Capture Cards…

    I will indeed stream it on my Twitch account and will also update here 🙂 I’m very excited to test it out!

    Twitch Channel: Vincertain

    EDIT: My package got lost so they sent me a new one. I’ll have to be patient before I can send you guys an update for Line5x mode with the Elgato Cam Link!


    Hi all, wanted to give you my solution to the OSSC capture issues. The only thing that worked 100% for me was the El Gato Cam Link. Now I am NOT using my El Gato Cam Link to stream, but just to take video. Every console I have thrown at it and 5x has worked with no issues at all. I was using a Macbook Pro with the OSSC plugged into the El Gato Cam Link, then the HDMI out to my TV. TV input is slightly lagged so I will be picking up a HDMI spitter to take care of that issue.

    -El Gato Cam Link – worked on everything I threw at it
    -El Gato Game Caputure HD – F%$K this thing! So much aggravation!
    -EZCAP 280 – couldn’t get it to work at all


    Thank you for your solution!

    I wanna ask you if you don’t mind!

    I am about to get the elgato cam link, however, I am confused about the elgato cam link, do you have to have a camera to capture games? or no need for a camera, you can capture your games like the elgato hd60s?

    Thank you!


    I have this splitter, but don’t know if this one will work

    I am not sure if HDMI splitters will cause lag if i hook it up to the Elgato cam link and the OSSC?

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