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    I’ve had my OSSC for a couple of months and today I’ve tried to use the Wii via the official component cables and I’m getting nothing. The LCD says “NO SYNC” when AV2 is selected. This has previously worked fine, and I’ve not actually touched either the console or the OSSC other than to power them up – they’ve been connected together since they last worked.

    PS2 (via SCART) seems to be working fine, and I’m going to try all my other consoles now. Unfortunately I don’t have anything else that produces component output, and my TV can’t take component as an input, so I can’t verify either the Wii cable or the component input of the OSSC easily. I did, however, try the Wii with one of those shonky Wii2HDMI boxes I had lying around and that worked fine (image quality notwithstanding).

    Is there any other troubleshooting I can do?

    I suspect I’m going to have to find a friend with a component capable TV, and/or another component outputting device to confirm if it’s the cable or the OSSC, but wondering if there is something I can do instead.



    Ahem. Nothing to see here 🙂

    So in my box of Wii paraphernalia I found another official component cable. This one works. I guess I must of had a dodgy one that I replaced and like a hoarder didn’t throw out the broken one… or even write “broken” on it with a sharpie. Anyway, it was the cable. Not the Wii or the OSSC. Hooray.


    If the LCD is saying “NO SYNC”, there’s several possibilities: (Details were light, so some of this is very basic.)
    * The OSSC isn’t set to AV2-YPbPr
    * The console is in standby
    * The cable is not connected properly at one or both ends
    * The OSSC’s configuration is defective (do a factory reset or firmware update)
    * The cable is defective
    * The console is defective
    * AV2 on the OSSC is defective

    The PS2 is capable of YPbPr component output. Do you have either a component or composite cable for the PS2 that you can test with? If you only have a composite cable, you can connect it to green on AV2, and it should get you a black-and-white image when the OSSC is set to AV2-YPbPr.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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