DExx remote compatibility – OSSC clones don’t necessarily use same IR codes

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    First of all, I’d understand if VGP doesn’t want their forums to provide any kind of support for OSSC clone users so feel free to delete this thread at any moment.

    While I did buy an OSSC from VGP’s shop, I confess I also bought another one on ebay : this is the one I took the remote from, to use with my new DExx addon.

    For two days I couldn’t figure why the DExx didn’t respond to any button from the remote, while still acknowledging the IR pulse with a LED blink.

    Then I used an Arduino kit to build an IR receiver logging the key codes, and this is where I noticed something wrong :
    The L336 remote I have may work with its OSSC, but the codes are far from the ones specified on the following page.

    I was then able to produce the expected IR pulses with another device (good old Nokia N900 <3), which confirmed it was just that : my OSSC L336 remote doesn’t use the same IR codes as the ones specified for the legitimate classic OSSC from VGP.

    Not so practical to use an old smartphone just to control the DExx though, so I’ll order a new remote from VGP as soon as I have more stuff to order and justify the shipping price.

    In any case, here’s my experience if anyone else has an unresponsive DExx with their OSSC remote. 🙂

    EDIT 07/13 :
    I just opened this OSSC clone remote and … this isn’t even an L336. It’s a cheap clone with hardcoded IR codes, no learning capability, and about 12 buttons (unused for classic OSSC) are not even programmed, which means you can’t use them at all.
    Clone makers cutting costs even on a 2$ chinese remote … who woulda thunk ? :’D

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    I’m quite surprised the seller/maker did not clone the remote codes as well. Anyway, I’m soon releasing a beta fw for DExx which allows binding a new remote (like on Classic) and supports saving/loading settings (including remote configuration).


    The beta fw is now available but the installation has some caveats (see dedicated thread). Anyway, remote control setup can be accessed by holding KEY0 while powering on the board. During setup, KEY1 can be used to go back to previous key setup (or restore default mapping when pressed during setup of first key).


    Thank you very much !
    I confirm the KEY0/1 behaviour works as expected so that should definitely solve that kind of problem for anybody having an OSSC remote with unexpected IR codes.

    I’m currently having a more global issue with the beta firmware however (menu freeze when writing on flash, be it control setup or profile save) so I’ll report it in your beta thread.

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