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    Hi Guys,
    i’ve received my OSSC (V1.6) today and set it up. Boots up to v.0.76a, which seemed Old to me. So i watched the Update-Process via SD-Card Video in Youtube, downloaded 0.81a and wrote it via Win32DiskImager (V0.9.5). Iv’e inserted the SD Card, bootet up the OSSC and switched via Remote Control to “Firmware Update”. Version 0.81a shows up and asked me, if i want to update. I pressed “1” to start the update.
    Shortly after Panel showed up “Firmware update failed”. Pressed “OK” on the Remote and the Remote stopped working.
    Rebooted the OSSC and now the Display just Lights up and the former green LED ist now red glowing.

    What happened here and how can i get my OSSC back to working order?


    Well that sucks sorry 🙁

    I don’t suppose you have a JTAG programmer?


    I don’t know what happened… but it’s the same behavior as described in here:

    OSSC showing blank LCD and red light

    … and exactly the same behavior, you’ll get with any newly assembled OSSC with no firmware flashed onto it. So: if the failed update somehow flashed a corrupted firmware file onto your OSSC, you may want to try an update via JTAG… as described in the linked thread.


    Bought an jtag programmer instantly, hopefully I get the device back into an working state.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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