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    Hey all, when I started putting materials together for my DIY kit, I doubled up on a lot of the cheaper components to take advantage of price breaks and ensure I would have some spares just in case things went poorly. As it happened, things went reasonably well, and now I’ve got a fully-functional OSSC and enough spare parts to fill out a good chuck of someone else’s bill of materials.

    I’m figuring they’ll do more good helping someone else complete their project than going unused in my toolbox, so I’d like to offer them up for anyone who would like them. I’d be glad to pass the parts on for just the cost of shipping from Ontario, Canada.

    This spare parts package contains:
    – 1 x NCP703SN19T1G
    – 1 x TLV70019DDCT
    – 3 x TLV70018DDCT
    – 1 x TLV70033DDCR
    – 3 x TLV70012DDCT
    – 1 x TLV70025DDCT
    – 1 x SN74LVC2G17DBVR
    – 1 x SD05-7
    – 1 x AP7361C-33E-13
    – 1 x BC847C,215
    – 1 x BC857C,215
    – 1 x THS7353PWR
    – 7 x GRM21BR60J476ME15L
    – 11 x RG1608P-750-D-T5
    – 1 x CRCW06031K50FKEA
    – 7 x RR0816P-331-D
    – 7 x RK73H1JTTD2201F
    – 16 x RR0816P-103-D
    – 5 x MCT06030C4701FP500
    – 6 x RR0816P-102-D
    – 1 x RR0816Q-24R9-D-39R
    – 1 x RR0816P-6980-D-82A
    – 3 x MCT06030C4709FP500
    – 1 x F0603E1R50FSTR
    – 7 x MPZ1608S221A
    – 3 x MCT06030C1000FP500
    – 1 x MF-FSMF020X-2
    – 69 x VJ0603Y104JXJPW1BC
    – 35 x GRM188R61C105KA93D
    – 6 x VJ0603Y102KXACW1BC
    – 9 x VJ0603Y103KXACW1BC
    – 4 x VJ0603Y472KXBPW1BC
    – 9 x 06036D106MAT2A
    – 8 x GRM1885C1H220JA01D


    I’ve finally gotten around to getting an OSSC going (just ordered the PCB, already have an IT6613E), was about to start some orders but reckoned I’d pop in these forums to see if any of the OSSC documentation or etc had changed since I last was around (August) and saw your post.

    I’d be interested, if you are able to utilise Paypal and these are still avail. If so, let me know *^_^*


    Yep, still available. There doesn’t seem to be PM functionality on this board, so why don’t I get in touch on the Shmups forum? You’re @Salacorn over there, as well, right?


    That sounds great, and that is correct, that is me on the Shmups forum. Should be no problem dropping a PM there 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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